My attraction for the art of jewelry comes from the possibility of integrating the imaginary world with the material world. Materializing, I am a witness of the magic in the transformation process of ephemeral ideas turning into pieces that can be touched, seen, and worn on the body.

Brigid Mcnellis’ formation as a jewelry designer has developed in different parts of the world. She has taken courses and interned with master goldsmiths in Spain (Barcelona) , United States (South Carolina), and Chile (Santiago). She studied and worked for the Savannah College of Arts and Design (SCAD) and WE WALKA School. Her work combines organic materials and traditional and contemporary jewelry techniques. It  has been greatly influenced by traditional Chilean craft materials processes. She has exhibited in Switzerland (Prysmian Group), China (Boundless Jewelry: Jewelry Beijing International Art Biennale 2015) and Chile (Pura Joya 2015), (Santiago Joya 2016), and (Encuentro Local: “To Make, Craftsmanship and jewelry in the contemporary era”2016).